Our Requirements:

  • experience in the position of a cleaner in the warehouse - welcome;
  • Responsibility, independence;
  • reliability, punctuality;
  • Czech language skills - an advantage;
  • interest in long-term employment.

Salary and financial terms:

  • Wage of a cleaner 120 CZK/hour;
  • Average salary 25,000 CZK per month;
  • Housing is available (cost about 4,000 kronor a month);
  • transportation to work is possible;
  • We pay a weekly advance payment;
  • We pay health and social insurance (including pension insurance).

We offer:

  • work in Prague for women, stable work in Prague with accommodation;
  • The employer is ready to employ foreigners;
  • work visas - full visa support;
  • For foreigners we provide legal long-term employment with a work card, as well as employment for short-term work visas;
  • official employment in the company;
  • place of work: city of Strancice, Prague - East;
  • work on the basis of an employment contract, the possibility of concluding an employment contract (health, social insurance and pension fund contributions are paid)
  • We provide a confirmation of accommodation, which is necessary for obtaining a temporary or long-term residence permit for foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic;
  • The cleaning job can be started immediately or according to an agreement.


  • cleaning of warehouses and offices;
  • auxiliary work in the warehouse - marking, packing, quality control of packaged goods.