Jobs found 12

Warehouse worker

Salary 2000 Euro/month
  • laying out goods in predetermined areas manually, according to the electronic scanner and with the help of an electric cart;
  • work with a manual electric cart and scanner;
  • working in a cold storage room with a temperature of 2° C to 12° C.


  • communication with project managers and our staff;
  • comprehensive management of the assigned project in cooperation with the operations manager and job manager;
  • ensuring the smooth running of the project (onboarding, training);
  • finding and arranging accommodation;
  • transportation - transport of workers;
  • arranging work clothes, doctor's visits (LP).

High-Lift Truck Operator (NZV, VZV)

Salary 1000 Euro/month
  • packing and picking orders;
  • work with a scanner;
  • visual quality control of the goods;
  • sorting of goods, reception and preparation for expedition.

Production operator

Salary 900 Euro/month
  • working on a rewinding machine;
  • loading large bales with a hoist;
  • work with a PC;
  • other work as directed by the shift supervisor.


Salary 3100 Euro/month
  • disassembly and assembly of car units and assemblies;
  • car diagnostics and its components with the help of diagnostic equipment;
  • complete and timely maintenance of the vehicle;
  • repair of subassemblies and aggregates of the vehicle;
  • adjustment of mechanisms and parts;
  • wheel alignment or replacement of wheels.

Automotive painter

Salary 3100 Euro/month
  • preparation of car parts for painting with preliminary elimination of irregularities detected on the surface;
  • carrying out auto-painting works in due time;
  • quality cooperation with other service employees to obtain the best result;
  • identification of all existing damage to the body with their elimination in the future;
  • keeping the vehicle in good condition during the period of work;
  • requires very good knowledge of English or good knowledge of German language;


Salary 2200 Euro/month
  • manual sorting and collection of individual components of waste electrical equipment;
  • participation in the utilization and recycling process;
  • work in accordance with safety rules and company instructions.


  • carrying out minor repairs and maintenance in buildings;
  • replacement of locks, repair of office furniture;
  • replacement of lighting fixtures;
  • repair of cranes, painting, grinding, etc.

Worker for facade works

Salary 2300 Euro/month
  • installation of facade systems according to projects and technical specifications;
  • insulation of buildings (new / old);
  • Preparation of work site and materials before starting work;
  • Use of professional tools and equipment to ensure quality workmanship;
  • Compliance with work safety requirements.

Warehouseman - picker

Salary 11 €/hour
  • Work in the warehouse with an electronic scanner and warehouse equipment;
  • Processing of goods, picking orders;
  • Control and packaging of orders.


Salary 2600 Euro/month
  • Application of plaster and paint on various surfaces according to project documentation.
  • Repairs and adjustments to walls, ceilings and other surfaces.
  • Preparation of surfaces for plastering and painting (sanding, filling, levelling).
  • Using professional tools and materials to achieve quality results.
  • Compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.


Salary 2600 Euro/month
  • Cable laying, installation of wiring and electrical equipment on the construction site;
  • diagnosis and repair of electrical equipment malfunctions.
  • Compliance with standards and safety regulations.