Jobs found 19

Warehouse worker with VZV skills

Salary 1100 Euro/month
  • laying out goods in predetermined areas manually, according to the electronic scanner and with the help of an electric cart;
  • work with a manual electric cart and scanner;
  • working in a cold storage room with a temperature of 2° C to 12° C.

Rewinding machine operator

Salary 900 Euro/month
  • working on a rewinding machine;
  • loading large bales with a hoist;
  • work with a PC;
  • other work as directed by the shift supervisor.

Production operator

Salary 2900
  • maintenance of production lines;
  • organizing production processes in the SAP system before and after the start of production;
  • making entries in production reports;
  • ordering raw materials to ensure the continuity of production; 
  • Performing checks and records in accordance with current CCP and OPRP control procedures.

Handyman at the car wash

Salary 3000 Euro/month
  • final processing of cars for customers;
  • washing of various car brands;
  • thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of the car;
  • minor refinishing (cleaning, polishing, waxing, etc.);
  • manual cleaning and car wash maintenance;
  • compliance with the established rules of car washing;
  • constant self-education, learning new things;
  • responsibility for the work performed.

Warehouse worker with VZV skills

Salary 4500 Zloty/month
  • organization of work in the warehouse;
  • solving daily logistic operations, controlling processes;
  • operative decisions of various issues; 
  • evaluation and motivation of employees; 
  • ensuring proper training of new personnel;
  • cooperation with the warehouse management;
  • compliance with the established safety rules in the workplace.

Warehouse worker with VZV skills

Salary 4500 Zloty/month
  • receiving, folding and shipping goods;
  • order picking according to the waybill and hand scanner;
  • packaging of goods;
  • auxiliary work in the warehouse;
  • Moving the pallets with a hand or electric cart;
  • work in a cold storage room with temperature from 2 ° C to 8 ° C.


Salary 1300 Euro/month
  • work at an enterprise with a full cycle of furniture production;
  • furniture upholstery (beds, sofas, poufs, armchairs, etc.);
  • work with soft fillers, foam, syntepon, hollofiber, etc;
  • work with decorative nails and all types of fabrics, eco-leather, genuine leather.

Builder - tiler

Salary 2600 Euro/month
  • tiling of bathrooms and interior rooms;
  • laying of paving tiles inside and outside the premises;
  • tile and small masonry works;
  • installation works.

Plumber/Heater Technician (gas and water)

Salary 3500 CZK/month
  • plumbing and heating works in accordance with the assignment;
  • installation, testing, repair and reconstruction of water, gas and sewer pipes and related equipment;
  • installation, dismantling and repair of heat supply systems, maintenance and adjustment of installed heating equipment.

Handyman, аssistant Builder

Salary 2300 Euro/month
  • performing simple assembly work;
  • performing simple preparatory and finishing works;
  • clearing of premises;
  • working with construction mixtures and materials;
  • various manual labor as directed by the supervisor.

Maid in a hotel

Salary 2700 Euro/month
  • cleaning hotel guest rooms;
  • assisting in keeping public areas (corridors, terraces, etc.) clean;
  • Creating a favorable atmosphere for hotel guests;
  • Willingness to take on weekend duties on a rotating basis;
  • willingness to work with disinfectants, preparations and equipment necessary to maintain cleanliness.

Warehouse worker with VZV skills

Salary 5 Euro/hour
  • prewashing, basic washing, rinsing, drying, disinfecting and steam cleaning of plastic crates;
  • manual washing and operation of washing lines;
  • stacking and accounting for merchandise;
  • Maintaining order and cleanliness in the workplace.

Warehouse worker with VZV skills

Salary 1000 Euro/month
  • packing and picking orders;
  • work with a scanner;
  • visual quality control of the goods;
  • sorting of goods, reception and preparation for expedition.

Forklift driver

Salary 1600 Euro/month
  • Pallet stacking with a forklift;
  • unloading and checking goods;
  • Collection of pallets in the warehouse.


Salary 11 €/hour
  • Work in the warehouse with an electronic scanner and warehouse equipment;
  • Processing of goods, picking orders;
  • Control and packaging of orders.

Контент-менеджер и операционный менеджер интернет-магазина

Salary 28000 CZK per month + bonuses
  • Optimisation of current listings.
  • Organising the creation of content on the website
  • Searching for product ideas, brand development.
  • Communicating with technical support and customers.
  • Challenging negative feedback.
  • Developing a product grid.
  • Setting up and creating variations on the listing.
  • Launching new variations to existing products.
  • Ability to work with fllet files.
  • Maintaining financial records, working with reports.
  • Building hypotheses that will lead to an increase in sales.
  • Sales analytics: forecasting of pricing, additional purchases of goods.
  • Finding and implementing new tools to increase sales online.
  • Working with suppliers.
  • Work with companies on delivery of goods from the Czech Republic to the UK.


Salary 3100 Euro/month
  • disassembly and assembly of car units and assemblies;
  • car diagnostics and its components with the help of diagnostic equipment;
  • complete and timely maintenance of the vehicle;
  • repair of subassemblies and aggregates of the vehicle;
  • adjustment of mechanisms and parts;
  • wheel alignment or replacement of wheels.

Automotive painter

Salary 3100 Euro/month
  • preparation of car parts for painting with preliminary elimination of irregularities detected on the surface;
  • carrying out auto-painting works in due time;
  • quality cooperation with other service employees to obtain the best result;
  • identification of all existing damage to the body with their elimination in the future;
  • keeping the vehicle in good condition during the period of work;
  • requires very good knowledge of English or good knowledge of German language;


Salary 3500 Euro/month
  • work with almost all car brands;
  • inspection and maintenance of the brake system, maintenance and repair of the running gear;
  • diagnosis of malfunctions and performance of necessary repairs to restore performance of vehicles.