Our Requirements:

  • High school/university education with emphasis on low current;
  • Experience in large structures is an advantage;
  • Manual dexterity and diligence;
  • independence and reliability;
  • Knowledge of Czech language (minimum A2).

Salary and financial terms:

  • The average salary ranges from 35,000 kronor per month, depending on experience;
  • We pay advances every week as agreed;
  • We pay health and social insurance and contributions to the pension fund.

We offer:

  • Work in the Czech Republic for a diversified construction company, official employment;
  • Foreigners we provide legal employment in the Czech Republic on the work card, as well as employment on short-term, Czech work visas;
  • Work on the basis of an agreement on labor activity with the possibility of signing a full-time employment contract, we pay medical and social (including pension) insurance;
  • stable job with accommodation;
  • We provide proof of accommodation, which is necessary for obtaining a temporary or long-term residence permit for foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic;
  • You can start working as an electrician after an interview.


  • installation, connection, revision and repair of electrical wiring in buildings and other facilities; 
  • carry out the necessary construction preparation of electrical wiring in building structures.