Our Requirements:

  • Experience in meat processing is an advantage;
  • minimal knowledge of Czech at a conversational level;
  • a valid medical certificate (potravinářský průkaz), which can be issued during the initial medical examination;
  • compliance with established safety rules and sanitary standards in the workplace;
  • readiness for physical activity (work in a room with a temperature of about 6° C);
  • no criminal record;
  • reliability, responsibility;
  • willingness to work 12 hour shifts;
  • interest in long-term employment.

Salary and financial terms:

  • fixed salary - 30,000 Kč/month;
  • legal allowances (night, overtime, weekends, holidays)
  • additional payment for work in a cold room;
  • 20 days of paid leave;
  • We provide work clothes and footwear.

We offer:

  • free vacancies, work abroad, suitable for foreigners;
  • work in the Czech Republic in a meat shop;
  • workplace: Čáslav, okres Kutná Hora, Středočeský kraj;
  • if necessary, we provide housing;
  • work visas - full visa support;
  • For foreigners we provide legal long-term employment on a work card, as well as employment on short-term work visas;
  • possible reissuance of work visas from other employers;
  • work on the basis of an employment contract with the possibility of signing a full-time employment contract, health and social (including pension) insurance;
  • We provide proof of accommodation, which is necessary for obtaining a temporary or long-term residence permit for foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic;
  • You can apply for the position of a meat shop worker - meat debonerafter an interview.


  • experience as a packer is an advantage;
  • Minimum knowledge of the Czech language;
  • valid health booklet, which can be issued at the entrance medical examination;
  • Independence and responsibility;
  • Compliance with the established rules and safety regulations in the workplace;
  • willingness to work in shifts and 12 hours.