Our Requirements:

  • Completion of a vocational qualification in general or practical nursing, or a lower qualification as an orderly;
  • Experience of working in a healthcare environment an advantage but not essential;
  • Ability to work round the clock including night shifts and weekends;
  • good communication and organisational skills;
  • Knowledge of basic medical procedures and practices.

Salary and financial terms:

salary according to experience and location, minimum 28 000 - 35 000 CZK + additional payments and other benefits; extra pay for night and weekend shifts; 5 weeks holiday; life insurance allowance; pension contribution; weekly convalescent stays with wellness in selected spa locations; discounts within AGEL; contribution to children's winter or summer recreation within the holding.

We offer:

  • official employment: we provide legal and official employment with all legal and social benefits;
  • payment of wages in accordance with the law: we pay wages in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, guaranteeing transparency and fair remuneration for your contribution;
  • health and social insurance: we provide health and social insurance to ensure you are covered in case of illness or need for care;
  • regular pension contributions: we provide regular pension contributions to ensure you have a secure financial future after your working career;
  • Protection of your employment rights: we guarantee all your employment rights, including minimum leave, working hours and other important aspects;
  • access to company benefits: you can take advantage of company benefits such as meal vouchers, holiday vouchers or other employee benefits we offer;
  • career development: we provide opportunities for professional development and career progression, including training and further education;
  • Support and guidance: we are here to provide you with support, guidance and help in all aspects of your working life.


  • providing comprehensive care to patients in various departments, including intensive care units (ICU), aftercare and other outpatient clinics;
  • performing routine medical procedures such as taking vital signs, administering medications under medical supervision, treating wounds and supporting patients with basic hygiene needs;
  • documenting care provided and communicating with the medical team and other healthcare professionals.