Our Requirements:

  • experience in this field - an advantage, we invite young professionals (after apprenticeship) who have the ability and desire to work in this direction;
  • certificates and professional education - an advantage;
  • cash for business trips (orders in different cities of the Czech Republic and abroad);
  • knowledge of Czech or English language - an advantage;
  • reliability, responsibility and interest in long-term employment.

Salary and financial terms:

  • Wage of a handyman on the farm 180 - 200 kronor/hour;
  • The average wage is 50,000 kronor;
  • Payment of advances by agreement;
  • Accommodation on business trips is paid.

We offer:

  • we can arrange for foreigners to legally work in the Czech Republic by obtaining an employment card or work permit and work visa;
  • official employment in the Czech Republic;
  • valuable experience that you can use in the future; possible career growth;
  • we provide housing and transport to the workplace;
  • possibility to work 6 days a week for 8 - 12 hours/day.


  • reconstruction of facades;
  • repair and restoration of architectural monuments (artistic processing of wood and fittings, artistic plastering);
  • work on the restoration of sculptural compositions and other small architectural forms;
  • reconstruction or creation of stucco decoration of various complexity;
  • artificial or decorative gilding, etc;
  • restoration and repair of museums, theaters and other similar institutions, etc.