Our Requirements:

  • experience as a coordinator is welcome;
  • no criminal record;
  • Availability of a valid health book (can be issued at the entrance medical examination);
  • Willingness to physical exertion, good vision;
  • willingness to work in a cold warehouse;
  • compliance with established safety rules in the warehouse.

Salary and financial terms:

  • Warehouse coordinator - 150 CZK/hour + bonuses;
  • Average earnings from 40 000 CZK/month;
  • We provide accommodation;
  • transportation from the dormitory to the workplace;
  • possibility of payment of advances;

We offer:

  • stable work abroad in the warehouse, collecting orders, issuing Czech visas or reissuing work visas from other employers;
  • For foreigners we provide legal long-term employment in the Czech Republic on a work card, as well as employment on short-term work visas;
  • Long-term and short-term work;
  •  Work on a contract of employment. It is possible to conclude an employment contract (health and state social insurance and pension fund contributions);
  • One-day training for workers with no experience;
  • to take up the position of coordinator either immediately or by arrangement.


  • Work with 1cERP and Exсel;
  • Organize work in the warehouse;
  • Train an employee in the piker position;
  • Create a work schedule;
  • Payment of advances, assistance in filling out documents;
  • Communicating directly with the management.