Our Requirements:

  • Experience with forklift trucks (VZV);
  • valid driving license category W1;
  • Independence and responsibility;
  • compliance with the established safety regulations in the workplace;
  • willingness to physical exertion;
  • willingness to work on a shift schedule (work in two shifts).

Salary and financial terms:

  • Forklift drivers receive an average salary: CZK 30,500 per month, plus statutory surcharges, bonuses;
  • extra pay: for night shifts, overtime hours, work on weekends and public holidays;
  • Bonus for productivity, bonus for the ability to work on several lines, bonus for half a year;
  • 25 days of vacation (for the year worked) + 5 days of paid holidays;
  • subsidized meals (lunches at reduced prices) or food stamps "stravenki"; 
  • We provide accommodation;
  • payment of advances by agreement.

We offer:

  • Work in the Czech Republic for men and women, married couples, official employment;
  •  work in the warehouse of the production of car air conditioners;
  • official employment, work for EU citizens and citizens with permanent residence permits (temporary residence) on the territory of the Czech Republic;
  • For citizens of third countries offer assistance in preparing documents for the Czech work visa;
  • We provide official employment on the work card for a year and for 2 years, as well as employment on short-term work visas for 3 months;
  • Work on the basis of an agreement of employment with the possibility of signing a full-time employment contract, we pay medical and social insurance;
  • work with accommodation in Rakovník;
  • We provide proof of accommodation, which is necessary for the issuance of a temporary or long-term residence permit for foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic;
  • The position of forklift truck driver can be started after an interview.


  • work in the warehouse, moving finished products from production lines to the warehouse; 
  • delivery of components to the production lines; 
  • provision of components and packaging materials in production.