Our Requirements:

  • expirience with forklift is and aadventage;
  • experience in the position of a warehouse worker, order picker with a (Gladiator) scanner is an advantage;
  • no criminal record;
  • availability of a valid food hygiene certificate (can be issued at the entrance medical examination);
  • readiness for physical exertion, good eyesight;
  • willingness to work in a cold warehouse;
  • compliance with established safety rules and technological norms.

Salary and financial terms:

  • salary of the warehouse worker, order picker is 0.035 euros per box;
  • average earnings of about 900 -1 100 euros/month;
  • we provide accommodation (cost about 180 euro/month);
  • transport from the accommodation to the workplace - for free;
  • possibility to pay advances;
  • we provide working warm clothes and shoes, as well as other means for work in the warehouse.

We offer:

  • stable work in warehouses;
  • we provide foreigners with legal long-term employment in Slovakia on a employment card, as well as employment on short-term work visas;
  • long-term and short-term work in Slovakia;
  • workplace location: Beckov, Slovakia;
  • work under the labor agreement. There is a possibility of an employment contract (health and state social insurance, as well as contributions to the pension fund);
  • three-day training for employees without practice;
  • to start in the position of a warehouse worker, order picker can immediately or by appointment;
  • smoking is forbidden in the warehouses (designated smoking areas);
  • regular breaks for warehouse workers who work in conditions of low temperatures: every 2 hours 10 minutes, after 4 hours a break of 30 minutes for lunch.


  • laying out goods in predetermined areas manually, according to the electronic scanner and with the help of an electric cart;
  • work with a manual electric cart and scanner;
  • working in a cold storage room with a temperature of 2° C to 12° C.