Our Requirements:

  • knowledge of technical drawings or technical thinking;
  • work experience is not required - there is a possibility of training;
  • knowledge of the Czech language at a conversational level; 
  • B-category driver's license;
  • responsible approach to work.

Salary and financial terms:

  • payment for the position of a production worker - 150 Kč/hour;  
  • provide housing if necessary, cost 6000 Kč/month;
  • payment of advances by agreement.

We offer:

  • long-term work in the Czech Republic in the production of concrete products, official employment;
  • place of work: Byseň, okres Kladno, Středočeský kraj;
  • work under DPP (agreement on work performance) or DPČ (agreement on labor activity), after traineeship the possibility of work under HPP (full-time contract) with payment of health and social (including pension) insurance;
  • we provide foreigners with official employment in the Czech Republic with a work card, as well as with short-term work visas or work permits and work visas;
  • you can start working as a production worker immediately or upon agreement.


  • working with the production of iron fasteners or molds in which concrete is processed;
  • working with molds for pouring concrete;
  • maintenance of these molds, cleaning, drying.