Our Requirements:

  • experience in a similar position - welcome;
  • reliability and responsibility;
  • readiness for physical exertion, work with goods max. 25 kg;
  • knowledge of the Czech language is an advantage;
  • interest in long-term employment.
  • certificate of criminal record;
  • Valid health record book, which can be arranged at the entrance medical examination.

Salary and financial terms:

  • Worker's wages for production 120 -125 kronor/hour;
  • average wage of 30,000 kronor a month;
  • Payment of advances as agreed;
  • We provide lodging.

We offer:

  • stable work in the production (packing of dried fruits and nuts), Olomouc region, official employment, assistance in processing work visas to the Czech Republic;
  • foreigners we provide official, long-term employment on the work card, as well as employment on short-term work visas;
  • Re-registration of work visas from other employers;
  • workplace: Chelčice, Olomouc;
  • work on the basis of an agreement of employment with the possibility of signing a full-time employment contract, we pay medical and social insurance;
  • stable job with accommodation;
  • The position of production worker can be started after an interview.


  • unloading and storage of goods, raw materials;
  • work on the production line;
  • sorting, packing;
  • quality control of products.